2020 Annual Report

Throughout Israel, the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 presented new crises and exacerbated old challenges. Social inequities escalated into life-and-death disparities. Longtime economic hardship tipped toward disaster. And across Israel, activists who value democracy, equality, and justice had to rely on virtual as well as in-person champions to protect against multiple threats.

Immediately, at the outset of the pandemic, NIF and our grantees took action.

Together, we worked for and won equitable health services, fairer economic policies, and civil liberty protections — saving lives and futures while continuing to work toward a better, more just Israel.

The framework for NIF’s COVID-19 response was our Crisis Action Plan

Crisis Action Plan Priority #1

Protecting the Most Marginalized and Vulnerable

In 2020, those who already had the least faced the greatest risk of losing the most — their health, their housing, their income.

Working for equal access to health care

Through its Open Clinic, NIF grantee Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI) provided medical treatment to some of the most marginalized populations in Israel, such as asylum seekers, incarcerated people and others, and with its Mobile Clinic brought essential medical services to Palestinian villages in the West Bank and Gaza.

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PHRI was also a lead voice advocating for health services for African asylum seekers, while efforts by NIF grantees, including the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), Adalah: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, and Sikkuy: The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality, fought to open clinics and testing centers in East Jerusalem and drive-through and mobile testing centers in Bedouin communities. Additionally, NIF’s action arm, Shatil, and the Southern Health Coalition it leads provided the Ministry of Health with on-the-ground updates of the Bedouin population’s COVID-related needs, such as greater COVID-19 testing.

Thanks to the efforts of NIF grantees ACRI, Kav LaOved — Workers’ Hotline and PHRI, Palestinian workers who had been stranded in Israel and unable to return home due to COVID-19 restrictions gained access to health coverage and treatment in Israel.

Grantees HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual, ACRI, and PHRI advocated for ambulance service in East Jerusalem neighborhoods situated outside the separation wall, while Adalah petitioned for additional ambulances in Bedouin communities in the Negev. In addition, Shatil helped secure additional protective equipment for EMTs serving Israel’s periphery.

Israel’s vaccination program has justifiably been hailed globally. But it was NIF grantees who advocated to make sure no one was left behind.

Because of grantees’ efforts, those in Israel not covered by the nation’s medical insurance system — asylum seekers, migrant workers, and Palestinian day laborers — have been able to obtain vaccinations.

NIF grantees also led a coalition of 30 organizations calling for Israel to vaccinate Palestinians in the occupied territories.

See Grantees’ Letter

organizations call on Israeli government to vaccinate Palestinians

Ensuring access to information

Thanks to advocacy by NIF grantees Adalah and PHRI, the government switched from publishing coronavirus updates and other critical health information exclusively in Hebrew to publishing advisories also in Yiddish, Arabic, Amharic, Tigrinya (the language of the Eritrean diaspora) — languages spoken by ultra-Orthodox Israelis, Arab citizens, Ethiopian Israelis, and African asylum seekers — and other languages spoken in Israel.

With much of the vital health information conveyed on digital devices, NIF grantees advocated for those living without smart technology, such as many ultra-Orthodox Israelis and those living without internet service (including residents of remote Bedouin communities), to receive important health information using other means.

In 2020, Ramadan was celebrated in April and May while the pandemic was in full force. Shatil and NIF grantees partnered with Bedouin leaders to create a campaign to offer their communities guidance on how to observe Ramadan safely and prevent COVID outbreaks.

Planning for recovery

Well before vaccinations were underway, NIF began advocating for a just and equitable economic policy for the post-pandemic era.

NIF grantees representing both Jewish and Arab Israelis developed a full roadmap for recovery and began pressing the government to adopt it. The roadmap provides for equitable, inclusive economic aid for vulnerable populations, including food support for those in need.

NIF and our partners worked to ensure that official groups charged with planning for recovery would include representatives of the Arab community and women. For example, in response to petitions submitted by civil society organizations and Shatil, the government added Professor Bishara Bisharat, a member of Shatil’s Arab-Jewish Citizens’ Forum for the Promotion of Health in the Galilee, to its COVID-19 response team.

2020 Success Stories

Success in Israel’s High Court

In response to petitions brought by NIF grantees including Kav LaOved, ACRI, and PHRI, the court struck down the 2017 "Deposit Law," which withheld 20 percent of asylum seekers’ salaries until their departure from Israel as an incentive to leave the country. The court ruled the law — which NIF and grantees had long opposed and which created even greater hardship during the pandemic — unconstitutional, and ordered the state to reimburse workers within 30 days.

Success improving housing policy

In response to petitions from NIF grantees, Israel’s Housing Ministry directed mortgage companies to cease collecting debts during the pandemic crisis.

Success highlighting extreme economic crisis facing asylum seekers

NIF grantees demonstrated that the country’s asylum seekers faced widespread unemployment and the need for basic food assistance due to the COVID-19 crisis. NIF grantee ASSAF provided direct financial assistance.

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Crisis Action Plan Priority #2

Defending Civil Liberties and Democracy

As the pandemic raged, hardliners in the ruling coalition attempted to use the health crisis as an excuse to curtail free speech, the right to privacy, and judicial processes. NIF grantees pushed back.

Defending (once again) the right to protest

In the photo, the Standing Together sign reads “No to Police Violence” in Hebrew and Arabic.

After ACRI called on Israel’s attorney general to lift a ban on demonstrating during the pandemic — a clear attempt to curb freedom of protest under the guise of health measures as other, more dangerous, gatherings were permitted — the government allowed the onerous regulation to expire. Thanks to ACRI’s advocacy, protests were ultimately exempted from COVID emergency regulations that restricted movement and gathering, as long as health precautions were maintained.

NIF grantee Omdim Beyachad (Standing Together) was then able to stage COVID-safe demonstrations in multiple locations around Israel to demand economic security for all. Additionally, grantees Human Rights Defenders Fund and ACRI secured the cancellation of substantial fines imposed on protesters in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Activists have long held protests there to advocate against evictions of Palestinians, and the takeover of property by pro-settler groups.

hate comments with incitement to violence

The Berl Katznelson Center called attention to the personal risk demonstrators continue to face, issuing a public report on the online hatred directed at anti-corruption demonstrators. Of the 87,000 hate comments reported, 5,500 included incitement to violence.

2020 Success Stories

Success protecting citizens’ privacy

ACRI, Adalah, and PHRI petitioned Israel’s High Court to stop the government from using Shin Bet security services to track the cell phones of civilians infected with or exposed to COVID-19. The court ruled that any government surveillance of citizens must have legislative oversight, and ultimately placed significant restrictions on mobile phone surveillance of citizens for the purpose of contact tracing.

Success safeguarding prisoners’ rights

A campaign by grantees ACRI, PHRI, Rabbis for Human Rights, Adalah, and HaMoked led to a High Court ruling stating that Israel’s internal security minister did not have legal authority to withhold vaccinations from incarcerated people.

Pictured at left are MK Aida Touma and Attorney Sawsan Zaher in Israel’s High Court of Justice.

Success fighting a court shutdown

In response to an ACRI appeal, the High Court challenged the Minister of Justice’s authority to close the courts during the COVID pandemic, and requested the minister seek Knesset oversight of the matter. Closing the courts would have hamstrung the justice system, denied individuals legal recourse during the health crisis, and delayed expected court proceedings against top government officials.

documented incidents of settler violence
by Israeli civilians against Palestinians in the West Bank in 2020, reported by Yesh Din.

Success in combating settler violence

Grantee Yesh Din: Volunteers for Human Rights won a legal victory when the High Court denied the appeals of five young Israelis previously convicted of "price tags" terror attacks against Palestinians, ruling that the attacks constituted membership in a terrorist organization. In a separate case, Yesh Din documented the surge in settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank during the pandemic, petitioning the West Bank military commander for greater protection for Palestinians.

Crisis Action Plan Priority #3

Maintaining a Strong and Vibrant Civil Society

People all over Israel faced extraordinary challenges in 2020 — whether it was in their jobs, their art and creation, or their activism.

2020 Success Stories

Success helping Israeli organizations function during the pandemic

Shatil set up accessible online platforms that enabled more than 160 organizations to safely, virtually maintain operations.

organizations given online platforms to maintain operations

Success sustaining social change organizations during the pandemic

Shatil developed extensive infrastructure to deliver a range of training programs for organizations, including a series on financial management for adapting work, budgets, and staffing to meet needs during the crisis and to plan for its aftermath; 28 emergency trainings covering topics such as media training; and 12 weekly leadership forums — all conducted virtually.

Success advocating for equal access to education

When Bedouin children lacked the internet access needed to take part in remote learning, ACRI, the Clinic for Law and Educational Policy at Haifa University, Shatil, Adalah, and the Follow-up Committee for Arab Education fought for them — and their education. Their efforts resulted in a government commitment to upgrade internet technology in recognized Bedouin townships and to connect unrecognized villages to the network.

Sustaining the power of artists

“What do we artists want? We want to be heard, to be seen.” — Yossi Zabari

Yossi Zabari was one of 14 independent artists who were awarded Essential Arts Grants, made possible with the generous support of the Nathan Cummings Foundation. The grants have allowed an extraordinary, diverse group of musicians, writers, filmmakers, painters, actors, dancers, and conceptual artists to continue contributing to Israeli life, despite pandemic shutdowns that robbed them of their audiences and distanced them from collaborators.

Grant awardee musician and DJ Ellyott said, “In difficult times, you make even better art.” With the help of NIF, she and other recipients have been able to do just that.

10 Essential Arts
Grants in 2020
totaling 10000

Shaping a Better Future

During a year of unprecedented changes, NIF continued advancing social and economic justice, religious freedom, and democracy.

Better Future Arrow Better Future Arrow Better Future Arrow Better Future Arrow

Fighting annexation of the West Bank

Following a petition filed by NIF grantees Adalah and ACRI, as well as 23 Palestinian local councils, Israel’s High Court struck down a law intended to retroactively legalize appropriation of Palestinian-owned land. Passed by the Knesset in 2017, the “Regularization Law” would have allowed the state to transfer ownership of seized land to settlers.

In the midst of the pandemic, a Tel Aviv demonstration organized by NIF grantee Omdim Beyachad (Standing Together) and other organizations brought thousands of Israelis together to safely protest annexation of parts of the West Bank.

10 villages
0 grantees

Better Future Arrow Better Future Arrow Better Future Arrow Better Future Arrow

Continuing the struggle for LGBTQ+ rights

The advocacy of grantee The Aguda — The Association for LGBTQ+ Equality in Israel was instrumental in the High Court decision to uphold the surrogacy rights of same-sex couples and single men. The ruling ordered that the Knesset amend a 2018 decision limiting surrogacy procedures to heterosexual couples and single women.

The Aguda waged an active social media campaign in response to an Israeli minister’s comment that “the struggle is over” for LGBTQ+ people, driving home the point that the struggle continues against discrimination in legislation and policy, and for physical safety and security.

With NIF’s help, the Aguda also set up a hotline for the Arabic-speaking LGBTQ+ community.

Better Future Arrow Better Future Arrow Better Future Arrow Better Future Arrow

Defending women’s rights and lives

Thousands of Israelis attended a Tel Aviv demonstration organized by NIF grantees Israel Women’s Network (IWN) and Women Against Violence (WAV) to protest domestic violence, which spiked in 2020 during the pandemic. In Israel, in the first half of 2020 alone, 11 women and a baby were murdered by family members.

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Pressure from a consortium of organizations that includes grantees ACRI and IWN protected women from being fired if pregnant, undergoing fertility treatment, or on maternity leave. The Israeli cabinet, which in the name of COVID-19 emergency regulations had tried to suspend a 1954 labor law providing these protections, backed down.

NIF grantee Kayan — Feminist Organization headed a coalition which conducted dozens of workshops on awareness of gender-based violence in Arab towns and villages. WAV led the response to the COVID-triggered surge in violence against women in Israel’s Arab sector.

women murdered by family members in Israel in the first half of 2020, sparking domestic violence protests

2020 Success Stories

Success uniting Israeli soccer players to defend equality

Grantee Team for Social Responsibility produced video clips featuring 15 Israeli soccer players speaking out against racism, sexism, homophobia, and violence in soccer.

Watch the video

Success securing funding for historically underserved youth

Grantee Zazim — Community Action helped organize a protest against the defunding of the Hilla program for Israel’s at-risk children and youth, threatened by the Ministries of Education and Finance. The ministries, which had argued funding was no longer affordable, reversed course and allocated $360,000 for programs including Hilla.

Success urging government transparency

Grantee Movement for Freedom of Information has long fought for transparent reporting of The Ministry of Strategic Affairs’ secretive, questionable allocations from its sizeable budget. In 2020, Movement efforts followed revelations by another NIF grantee, the investigative magazine Seventh Eye, of an undisclosed and ultimately ineffective $74 million Ministry allocation for a propaganda campaign that brought American Evangelical Christians to Israel and sought to recruit army reservists to fight BDS on social media.

Engaging Donors

during a year of social distancing.

Creating a vibrant virtual community

It’s true that NIF is global, and that our work crosses oceans and communities. But it’s also true that NIF is local and that we’re used to seeing each other in person at least once in a while.

When the pandemic hit, NIF had to innovate ways of connecting using only our screens. We used all of our best thinking and listening skills to create a diverse set of experiences, materials and engagement opportunities all year long.

From our successful national virtual gala, to our digital campaigns, to web events and discussions, our supporters showed up for all kinds of engagement. There were intellectual engagement like briefings about various aspects of the COVID crisis on the ground, emotional engagement through powerful stories, images and art, spiritual engagement around the holidays, and community engagement through smaller, more intimate online events. Overall, we kept our communities together for one another and for the cause NIF is dedicated to: building a more just and democratic Israel. That didn’t stop — it just moved online.

Guardian of Democracy Gala

NIF’s successful, virtual Guardian of Democracy gala was a highlight of the year. Offering an innovative opportunity for learning, connecting, and celebrating our shared efforts, the gala included 1,300 attendees throughout the U.S. and Israel and brought in over $900,000 for NIF’s work.


NIF Film Club

NIF continued to bring creative new programming to donors throughout 2020. Every week for a year, NIF Film Club members gathered online to discuss a different Israel-themed film, often with the filmmaker. We even ran a small film festival on the theme of Israeli Leaders ahead of the third elections that took place during 2020. Films like King Bibi, Advocate, Fig Tree, Forever Pure and Comrade Dov kept our hearts and minds on the issues we all care about. Similarly, the new NIF Book Club with NIF Board President Professor David Myers connected members quarterly to discuss a selected book.


Virtual Storytelling and Learning

NIF also introduced high-level webinar briefings, providing our supporters with timely updates on issues and activities directly from grantees on the ground. From our Equality and Democracy in the Time of COVID series, to web events related to the Israeli elections and other aspects of the news cycle, to the cutting-edge video we produced to protest the Netanyahu government’s plan to annex parts of the West Bank (with voiceover by Mandy Patinkin), we aimed to keep our community connected and informed about the challenges and opportunities of this uncertain year. In all, NIF conducted more than 60 virtual events, attracting over 10,000 registrants.

Social Media

As this extraordinary year came to a close, NIF’s Chanukah social media campaign introduced donors to diverse NIF heroes — from human rights defenders and protesters to healthcare workers and artists. Each night of Chanukah celebrated and gave faces to the essential work being done by NIF activists and organizations on the ground. We also engaged our communities during the High Holidays with grantee stories and beautiful thought-provoking text studies with our staff rabbis.

2020 Success Stories

Success launching the Progressive Jewish Fund

NIF’s Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) program quickly attracted donors who appreciate the convenience of a single DAF to support the causes they care about in both Israel and the U.S. Grants recommended through the Progressive Jewish Fund to organizations in the U.S. and Israel between October 2019 and the end of 2020 totaled $4,143,081.

"We have chosen to be part of PJF because of how well it aligns with our values and because it is so convenient for both U.S.-based and Israel grant making. We are pleased to be supportive of NIF, which has done so much to develop the capacity of so many of the organizations to which we donate through PJF. Also, the staff is very responsive to our questions and needs, and we enjoy the interaction along with seeing the results of our giving."

— Terry and Carol Winograd, PJF Donors

Success exceeding NIF’s Legacy Giving Campaign goal of $40 million

Midway through NIF’s 40th anniversary year, the Legacy Giving Campaign surpassed its initial goal of $40 million in planned giving commitments, and inspired NIF to raise its goal to $50 million. We also received over $7.5 million in bequests, which helped make 2020 the best legacy year in NIF’s history.

"NIF is very important because it is working to even out the inequalities across so many lines. I am very interested in leveling out those disparities and giving un-empowered people more power.

It’s vital for me to ensure that some impact was felt by my being here. I won’t be able to pray with my feet once I’m gone, but I will be able to give NIF the means to continue some of the projects that were started when I was living. I believe that giving a gift in your will is among the highest forms of charity because no one can thank you for it. It’s something that you do when you have trust and faith in an organization."

— Roberta Elliott, Member of the NIF Legacy Society and the Legacy Giving Campaign’s Founders Circle

Success building a new generation of supporters

When NIF’s New Generation group went virtual this year, its reach became nationwide. People in their 20s and 30s connected with each other around their shared values, and supported NIF through virtual activities including webinars, movie screenings, giving circles, book clubs, and Shabbat dinners that featured social justice discussions — another step toward greater engagement with NIF in the coming years.

New Gen leaders in the SF Bay Area

Success helping future rabbis complete their training

Rabbinical Fellowships typically require a year of training-in-residence in Israel. Our Alisa Froman Fellowship offers three rabbis the opportunity to learn about social activists during their year in Israel. With no travel to Israel possible in 2020, NIF was able to reallocate its traditional financial support for three rabbinical fellows’ to support six fellows’ rabbinical educational training about Israelis activism on Zoom.

Rabbi Aaron Portman (Yeshivat Chovevei Torah ‘21), Elissa Froman Social Change Fellow, 2020-21

A message from NIF CEO, Daniel Sokatch


Daniel Sokatch headshot

None of us are likely to forget the annus horribilis 2020. It was, for virtually all of us, a personal, political and emotional rollercoaster. But NIF is an organization that — no matter what — stands up for its values and steps up to challenges, no matter how daunting. And I am proud to say that’s just what we did, in Israel and at home, during the toughest year in memory.

On the ground in Israel we responded to the unprecedented crisis of the pandemic with our Crisis Action Plan — a response that put the most marginalized first, kept our organizations going, and shined a light on attempts by some to use the Covid emergency as cover to erode democratic norms and institutions. Ultimately, the Crisis Action Plan sought to ensure that Israel emerged from the pandemic a more just, democratic and equal society. The plan was informed by our 40-plus years of experience funding Israeli civil society, and it enabled us to do what we do best: protect the most vulnerable, defend civil liberties and democracy, and maintain the strong and vibrant civil society that is the backbone of any healthy democracy.

It was your support that enabled that work.

I believe our commitment to justice and equity was reflected in NIF’s response to the crisis internally, as well. We were determined to weather the storm of 2020 with integrity, and the generosity of our donors, the dedication and sacrifice of our staff, and the leadership of our board enabled us to do so. At the end of the day, we were able to keep our organization running and whole, and our Shatil and grants programs intact.

Of course, the year of pandemic was also a year of enormous political change. In the United States the election of Joe Biden promised a return to much more familiar ground when it comes to US-Israeli relations, and an end to four years of reflexive American support for the Israeli hard-right. In Israel, the string of inconclusive elections continued in 2020, leading to a fourth election in early 2021. The result of that latest election was different, heralding (at least for now) the end of the Netanyahu era. The governing coalition that emerged was broad, almost unbelievably so, but this created new opportunities to advance critical NIF issues in the halls of power, and to see at least some of our priorities translated into policy. For the first time in decades, friends and allies sit in the governing coalition. Their ears and eyes are open to many of the things we care about, including equality for Palestinian citizens of Israel, supporting the LGBTQ community, addressing racism and inequity — the list is long. And while we are not starry-eyed — this is, as I wrote above, a broad coalition that includes many who do not share our values and vision — we are determined, hopeful, and ready for whatever lies ahead. There is much work to be done, and we look forward to rolling up our sleeves to do it.

Daniel Sokatch signature

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In 2020, New Israel Fund received the greatest amount of funding through legacy gifts than ever in our history — more than $7.5 million! Of these bequests, those designated for NIF’s endowment caused it to triple in size, helping secure NIF’s financial health for decades to come. And those funds that were unrestricted as to their designation proved to be life changing. Because so many in our community included the New Israel Fund in their estate plans, NIF was able to respond to an unanticipated health crisis, even while we continued to advance civil liberties and democracy across Israel.

Click here to download lists of our generous Legacy donors.

When I first heard about the New Israel Fund, I understood its importance to Israel and to me. It has played the central role in building and reinforcing a strong civil society in Israel through providing financial, technical, networking, and other supports to multiple NGOs. It has been a part of my life and central to my ability to fulfill my moral responsibility and Jewish identity. It has facilitated my giving to effective organizations working on justice, education, diversity, and health. I want to help NIF respond to current needs and to build its capacity to sustain its work in the future.

Mary Ann Stein, Former NIF Board President, NIF Board Member, Legacy Society Member, and Member of the Legacy Giving Campaign Founders Circle

Doris and I have been actively involved with the New Israel Fund for over 20 years and have always been impressed with the professional and lay leaders we have encountered. For us it is a gratifying and wise choice to become a member of the NIF Legacy Society, and through our gift, the values we believe in will help ensure the biblical imperative for Israel to be a Light unto the Nations.

Doris & George Krevsky, NIF Legacy Society Members

We were introduced to the New Israel Fund in the 1990s by friends who were original supporters. We were impressed with NIF’s commitment to addressing the very problems such as social justice, human rights, and religious pluralism that concerned us. In today’s political and social climate, this work is even more critical. We want to ensure that our support for this most worthy of causes will continue.

Dorothy & Paul Wachter, NIF Legacy Society Members

NIF’s mission and its vision of what Israel could be coincide with my own. NIF, with its many grantees, is the only organization dedicated to fostering, nurturing, and sustaining the values at the core of my attachment to Israel: human and civil rights, Jewish/Arab equality, religious pluralism, social and economic justice — all in the face of powerful resistance. Come join us.

Gil Kulick, NIF Legacy Society Members

Let your legacy begin.

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— Andrew Muchin Goldblatt, PJF donor and NIF Staff Member

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Financial Statements

The consolidated financial statements of NIF include the donor advised fund program, the Progressive Jewish Fund, and a wholly controlled supporting foundation, known as the Truth to Power Foundation, established to honor the memory of NIF’s beloved board member, Bill Goldman, z”l. For more detailed information, you can download a complete PDF here.

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More than 75% of every dollar contributed to NIF directly supports NIF’s mission of grant making, Shatil (NIF’s operating arm), education, leadership development, awareness-raising among NIF’s international supporters and the general public, and critical media work. NIF’s support expenses are the infrastructure throughout the U.S. and in Israel that help us to raise funds, to run the financial and information technology engines of the organization, and to manage it.

2020 Grantees

organizations and initiatives

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During a year of unprecedented challenges, the work of Israeli civil society has had an indelible impact. NIF’s support of our partners on the ground helped protect the core rights of all those living in Israel and the territories under its control, defend Israel’s democracy, and ensure the needs of the vulnerable remained on the public agenda. We are proud to support these grantees working toward a more just and democratic Israel. Click here to download a PDF with a complete list.

Our Grantees

2020 Donors


NIF is deeply grateful to each and every donor, at every level, for participating in helping advance a democratic Israel, in a very challenging and uncertain time. This year demonstrated the strength of a broad, global community of support, united by a shared commitment to a just and inclusive Israeli society. Click here to download a PDF with a complete list.

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